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Getting the right disability supports can be life changing. Our lawyers at Intrepidus Law are passionately focused on fighting for your disability rights.

Want a Disability Lawyer fighting for your rights?

When it comes to standing up for your rights, getting the help of a qualified lawyer will give you the best chance of success. Your rights and supports are so important, and can make such a huge difference to your quality of life; so it makes sense to ensure you are represented by the best.

Australia’s dedicated NDIS Lawyers

Intrepidus Law is a law firm dedicated to National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS and disability law. 

We’re a dedicated NDIS law firm passionate about supporting Australians living with disability. We have unrivalled experience and achieve exceptional outcomes.

We fight relentlessly to ensure reasonable and necessary supports are available to our clients and see that their rights are protected.

The legal team that truly ‘gets it’

Intrepidus Law was founded by Belinda Kochanowska, our Principal Solicitor. As the mother of a child who is an NDIS participant, Belinda has lived experience of the disability system in Australia. After practising law for 20 years, Belinda founded Intrepidus Law to fill the need for expert legal representation for Australians living with disability. Everyone at Intrepidus Law has lived experience of disability or strong experience working with people with disability. We understand you.

Why Choose Intrepidus Law?

Unrivalled experience

With lived experience of the Australian disability system and NDIS, and over 20 years of experience in legal practice, we offer unmatched proficiency in NDIS appeals, representation, and disability law. Our legal expertise, combined with our founder’s lived experience, means we bring both professional expertise and deep personal understanding to the table.

A history of exceptional outcomes and client service

We have a great track-record of achieving life-changing outcomes for our clients.

Peace of mind

When you work with us, you have the peace of mind in knowing your rights are being represented by someone with a deep understanding of NDIS and Disability law.

Why Opt for Qualified NDIS Legal representation?

Legal matters handled by experienced Solicitors

Choosing Intrepidus Law means choosing legal representation and legal advice from a qualified Solicitors, not non-legal advocates. When it comes to NDIS appeals, and fighting for your rights, experience of the legal system and NDIS law is crucial to get the best outcome.

It’s easier than you think

NDIS Law is a federal law, and in most cases you will not have to physically attend the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This is usually done via video conference and case conferencing by phone. We can guide you through the entire process, and let you know what to expect along the way.

Many NDIS appeals are also resolved by negotiated settlement before hearing at the AAT, and our experience in negotiating these outcomes is invaluable.

The amount of time, administrative load, & stress we can save you is huge

Caring for someone with a disability, or living with a disability, is a full-time job. By representing you, we save you a huge amount of time, which can take a huge load off your shoulders when you are already time-poor. Our help can eliminate an enormous amount of stress and anxiety from no longer fighting underrepresented against a top tier law firm (that’s who represents the NDIS). Our assistance also significantly reduces your huge administrative load. We also achieve successful NDIS Appeals outcomes in less time than you would self representing in appeal – helping you to get the support you need sooner.

The stakes are high and your legal rights are protected by Lawyers

You deserve the very best legal advice and representation because defending and asserting your Disability and NDIS legal rights is so important.

Our legal advice helps you understand your legal rights, and our legal representation helps protect them.

we felt confident with the stress level lowered

From my first meeting with Belinda about my daughter’s Tribunal hearing with the NDIA, I knew we were doing the right thing.

Belinda made us feel important that we had a just cause and wanted to help. Her empathy and understanding of our situation was very strong. I believe that being a mother of an NDIA participant herself is very helpful, as nobody usually understands the roadblocks of disability. Belinda does.

Instead of being scared of the Tribunal process, we felt confident with the stress level lowered, were kept informed at all times, provided expert advice on the offer presented and most importantly we won. Thank you Belinda, this changes my daughter’s quality of life forever.

Lois K

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