Usually, Disabled Australians are offered legal aid, a community legal centre or a non-legal ‘advocate’ from disability rights organisations. Often, many disabled people seeking legal representation and legal advice cannot meet the high standards of vulnerability, risk or public benefit to qualify for legal aid or non-legal advocacy at government-funded legal centres and organisations. Disabled Australians have the right and option to be represented by a ‘fee for service’ Solicitor who is an NDIS and Disability Law expert to relentlessly pursue their rights in appeals and claims. This is why Principal Solicitor Belinda Kochanowska established Intrepidus Law. 

You deserve the best legal advice and representation because there is too much at stake in defending and asserting your Disability and NDIS legal rights. If you choose to pay fee-for-service, you are best advised to pay a Solicitor, not an advocate with no legal qualifications. It is unlawful for a person to perform legal work or provide legal advice, even if they call it support, if they do not have a current Solicitor Practising Certificate. It’s even worse if they are suggesting you can use your NDIS funding to pay for their services. Intrepidus Law is fearless and relentless in its pursuit of justice for Disabled Australians. We provide exceptional legal service to our clients and achieve life-changing outcomes.


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1 hour legal advice consultation …………………………………………………………………….         $450 (inc. GST)

A one hour legal advice consultation over Microsoft teams (video) or phone.

If reading and considering of evidence is required before the advice session, we will provide an estimate of costs. 



Only a Solicitor can provide legal advice on the strength of your evidence to justify NDIS reasonable and necessary supports.

Intrepidus Law can review your specialist evidence and provide a Legal opinion on whether the evidence satisfies the legislative criteria of the NDIS Act and relevant NDIS Rules.

Be wary of “Advocates” who have no legal qualifications and charge for a review of your evidence and allied health reports. Only a Solicitor with a Practicing Certificate can lawfully charge for their services. You can not use your NDIS plan to pay for advocacy or legal advice.

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probono resources

For those in need of free legal assistance or advocacy services, please direct your enquiries to the following suggestions:

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Legal Aid 

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