Expert Help with Disability Discrimination in Australia

Only a Solicitor can provide legal advice and legal representation. There are fee-for-service ‘advocates’ who claim to provide support in NDIS appeals. These ‘advocates’ usually have no legal training or law degrees and cannot provide legal advice. It is unlawful for an advocate to purport to provide legal advice or provide actual legal advice or representation. Only a solicitor with a Practising Certificate can provide legal advice and legal representation. It is unlawful for anyone else to do so.

Client Legal Privilege

An advocate cannot offer you ‘client legal privilege’. Everything discussed or corresponded with a Solicitor is protected by ‘client legal privilege’ meaning it cannot for example be summoned by a Tribunal. This is not the case with correspondence and discussions with an advocate, all correspondence with an advocate can be summoned by the agency and used in the tribunal proceedings against you. Advocates cannot provide legal advice. If your matter proceeds to a substantive hearing, a solicitor will best represent you at a hearing and can also brief counsel (a barrister). Not all barristers will accept a briefing from an advocate.

Qualified and Experienced Solicitors

Don’t waste money on a fee-for-service advocate who is offering to review evidence or support you through an appeal. If you are happy to pay a fee-for-service, spend your money wisely on a solicitor who specialises in NDIS law and who can provide actual legal advice and legal representation. An experienced solicitor will likely achieve faster and more efficient results for you and you will also have the protection of client legal privilege and indemnity insurance throughout your appeal.

Always seek the legal opinion of a qualified and experienced solicitor.

Only a solicitor can provide legal advice and representation for disability and education legal rights in Australia. Call Intrepidus Law on 0404 168 719 today so we can help you.